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Fat, Sick, and Stupid

By Bargo


A Manipulable Populace...

Perhaps you read my article about how important your health is for your freedom. If not, go read that first, because in this article we're going deep on why seemingly everything is out to make everyone fat, sick, and stupid.

As we all know, a person who is dependent upon outside forces for his own health such as Big Pharma, Big Ag, and Big (insert bloated industry here) cannot really achieve the degree of autonomy that is befitting for man. After all, do we consider obese men to be manly? Independent? Of course not! His consumption will be the death of him, and profits for corporations. Nothing more.

The Cycle of Fat, Sick, and Stupid

The interesting thing about those three terms is this: they all flow into each other from any starting point to any ending point. If you are stupid, you are more likely to make poor eating choices that lead to being fat, which then leads you to get sick. If you are fat, your poor digestion will interfere with your brain which can make you depressed and/or stupid which will lead to sickness. Simply put, if you achieve any one of these states of unhealthiness, you will almost certainly obtain the rest.

McDonalds Today Won't Keep the Doctor at Bay

The default state of being for the human body is to be healthy. If one is eating correctly (look into Keto or Carnivore), and getting at least some moderate exercise regularly, then he will be healthy. The big industries want us all to believe that we're broken and need their drugs, devices, and other interventions to "fix" our bodies, but, as with many things in life, if we live as naturally as we can, then we will be healthy. Eat a normal human diet, and watch health problems disappear.

It should go without saying that processed food, fast food, and terrible ingredients such as monosodium glutamate must be removed from the menu. There are so many things that should be avoided:

That's a very incomplete list, but that's the gist of it. Diet is one of the main attack vectors currently being used to make people fat, and it is accomplished so easily by making unhealthy eating the most convenient; there's fast food on every corner, the cheapest food is generally the least healthy in the stores, and, probably worst of all, too many of us drink our calories. Its much easier to grab Pop-Tarts or some garbage cereal for breakfast than it is to cook 4 quality eggs, some bacon (which is great for you by the way), and slug it down with some filtered or distilled water, but the latter meal is much healthier.

To sum this up, cook food that a caveman would enjoy. Our physiology is designed with animal protein and fats in mind, and that kind of food will keep us from becoming fat, dependent consoooomers.

Drugs are Bad Unless They Come From Big Pharma... Right?

Here's another dangerous thing to put into our bodies: over-the-counter and prescription medications. Despite what the average doctor says, and as chiropractor Dr. John Bergman says: "We are designed to live on this planet." We are meant to live to be 100+ years without ever needing medication; I know, that sounds absurd, but the human body is an antifragile organism that can adapt and improve due to most stressors if its physiology is not interfered with. That's what drugs do in case you were not aware. There are many conditions that can be dealt with by avoiding frankenfoods, toxins, and chemicals; if the body has a disease/condition, instead of just attacking the symptom on the spot (and effectively covering up the cause), a good doctor would hunt down the source of the problem.

Here is a typical example: what if I go to my doctor and he finds that my cholesterol is high? He'll say, "Well Bargo, looks like you're going to need a statin to keep that cholesterol down," and off he goes to phone in a prescription. Did he find out the problem? Is this medication going to fix the problem or "manage" it? Is cholesterol actually bad, or does it serve a purpose? Does he know that a statin will double my risk of dementia? No thanks!

And that's just a recent example of how pharma loves to make people sick. Remember Vioxx? Apparently, it killed more people than the Vietnam War before it was taken off the market. How about antidepressants? Causes increased risk of depression and even suicidal thoughts! But let's take the kid's gloves off, because we need to talk about...

Don't Say the V-Word, Don't Say the V-Word!

Besides this current gene therapy going around being woefully dangerous for any human to take (which apparently killed every animal in the phase 2 trial), longstanding vaccines are generally more harmful than the diseases they are supposed to prevent. Tell me, what is the recommended daily values for aluminum, mercury, and formaldehyde? If you guessed zero, you're correct, so why in blazes are these chemicals, known to cause autism among many other disorders and diseases, in vaccines? These chems are called "adjuvants," because they irritate the immune system in responding to the dead pathogen in the vaccine that is supposed to protect against its respective disease. This causes me to wonder if classic innoculation, since it used a live pathogen, and thus irritated the immune system, was more effective, if a bit gross.

Since the talk of vaccines is controversial, it can often be hard to find information on the risks. This guy has a large list of sources to check, and I recommend that you at least read the abstracts. He has a video where he presents it as well.

I hope I've made it clear that we are not supposed to be sick, but are being made sick for handsome profits. This of course puts us back into the cycle of fat, sick, and stupid.

The Idiot Box, and Other Propaganda Devices

I have already written about television before, so I'm not going to jump into the deep end here, but allow me to humor you with the idea that tv, social media, video games, and other forms of entertainment are really just propaganda. Television should certainly be the most obvious since many people still see the world through whatever lens CNN, NBC, FOX or whoever places in front of them which has exponential potential for gentle brainwashing. Or take a look at modern sitcoms and cartoons promoting degeneracy that no man living before television would conceive of being broadcast to the masses. If you're into knocking your IQ down about 20 points or so, just watch television.

Social media is still a relatively new beast in terms of propaganda, but it has proven highly effective. With just a few clicks, companies like Facebook can make entire opinions disappear, and create a faux consensus for whatever issue they want. Needless to say, this is a powerful tool, especially with the help of bots to further promote Ministry of Truth approved opinions. Also, social media does not help people seem more individual as those companies would have us believe, it actually makes people seem more the same: everyone virtue signals, everyone only shows their "best" side, and if you go against that grain for too long, you will be banned. We're all familiar with the classic NPC meme; it perfectly explains many things wrong with critical thinking skills.

There are other forms of brain-cell-suiciding amusement such as video games (not all of them necessarily), but the two explicitly mentioned above are by far the worst offenders, both in how effectively they have proliferated Western society, and how they gently, ever so gently, brainwash as well as tease people who are either totally unaware, or simply do not care that they are quickly becoming socially engineered products. Obviously, this makes anyone who consooooms this product stupid; I don't say this to insult, but to inform that, much like eating too much sugar makes one hyper, television and social media will make one dumber and less social. A wonderful term I came across on the interwebs for this state of being is called "Media-Induced Autism," and I couldn't conceive of a better name.


I could ramble further, but I think the point has been made: many things in the world seem to be out to make us all fat, sick, and stupid, even if that was not the initial intention. It is important to understand this in every decision we make, else we will fall into the cycle and become a fat, sick, and stupid consoooomer that is too unhealthy, too dumb, and too apathetic to care about himself or his freedom. Such a loser is incapable of caring for himself, and it is all due to self-inflicted wounds.

...And lead us not into temptation...

This little piece from the Lord's Prayer is paramount. If we are being tempted, it is not in our best interests to give in since it almost always leads to degeneracy. I know this all seems so difficult to do, but I found once I got into it, it became quite easy. If you want some quick tips, try these:

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