Nissan and the Transhumanist Agenda


Before you continue reading, give this Nissan advertisement a view. The link is Invidious so you don't give Youtube your traffic (at least not directly).

This is one of the most obvious "merge-with-the-machine" pieces of propaganda I have ever seen. It also has a severe materialist implication that, as usual, denies human philosophy, thought, and religion thousands of years older than itself in just a few seconds. The first sentence in the ad makes it clear: "You are an electric vehicle." Perhaps an intellectual-yet-idiot would be convinced by that statement, but I know that I and my small audience know better than to fall for easily refutable blanket statements.

But let's play along with that first sentence for fun and dismantle it. First off, blithely telling all of us what we are (besides human beings) comes off as accusatory and presumptive. It unjustly speaks with authority it does not have. Secondly, we are not simply electric; electricity is just a small part of our physical makeup along with blood, flesh, organs, neurotransmitters, and a billion other things I'm too lazy to list. But sure, let us just put on our uber-reductionist hats and say we are just electricity. Thirdly, and perhaps most disturbingly, the word vehicle implies something dark. A vehicle can be driven. If "you are an electric vehicle," this implies that you can be driven.

There's nothing the powers-that-shouldn't-be want more than to control or drive every human being on earth. It would be a god-like powertrip that even God Himself does not engage in. Of course, they do not market it this way, because they are not stupid, but they do think us stupid enough to fall for foolish statements like, "You are an electric vehicle."

Transhumanism is marketing itself as a way to improve the lives of people through merging with the machine, but we all know where this leads: it leads to brain chips like Neuralink which could effectively gatekeep our entire lives and even thoughts. Imagine only being able to spend your Fedcoins and CBDCs through your brain interface, and you get the creepy picture.

(Before any free software advocates consider the thought, "What if it was all open source?" just don't. It doesn't take a lot of imagination to picture a totalitarian world running on free software. In my picture of the dystopian nightmare, you would not even have the freedom to NOT use the free software.)

Sorry for all the black-pilling, but these kind of things are openly talked about in concepts such as the "Fourth Industrial Revolution" and "The Great Reset." This creep named Yuval Noah Harari is infinitely quotable for awful statements such as,

Humans are now hackable animals. The idea that humans have this soul or spirit, they have free will and nobody knows what's happening inside me - so whatever I choose whether in the election or in the supermarket, that's my free will? That's over. -- Yuval Noah Harari

And what better way to hack humans than consider them electric vehicles? It makes for a good starting point.

Clearly, this is just gradually making its way into the normie hivemind with seemingly innocuous Nissan commercials, but we should never doubt the intentions. By reducing ourselves to electric vehicles, we destroy an important part of our identity, which is the crux of individual power.

Is this related to transgenderism?

In my opinion, yes. Transgenderism, besides being degenerate, also destroys the sense of identity required to withstand such insane claims of power over our lives. If people have no idea about who they are, how can they stand up for themselves whom they do not know? It frankly doesn't get anymore banal and basic than going after traditional gender identities and mores than this; if the-powers-that-shouldn't-be can take away even these, then there is nothing outside their grasp.

Use the tool, don't be used as a tool

Here is the critical point about technology in general: use it, don't be used by it. We cannot allow statements like those quoted earlier to insidiously insert themselves into the public consciousness without molestation. Seemingly harmless propaganda (is that a contradiction?) like Nissan's commercial are just the tip of an iceberg determined to turn humanity into mind-controlled cattle stewarded over by the so-called "elites" for their financialization of the entire natural world, leaving us "peasants" with meaningless digital assets they control.

There is no silver bullet solution to this colossal mess of a situation we are all in, but perhaps I can present a few generalizations that at least point in the right direction.

Firstly, we must hold on to our humanity, that is, our identity. Our identity is attacked every single day when the propaganda engine is pushing new degeneracies, therefore we must reject degeneracy and find bastions of the goodness, whether places or people, that humans are intended for in its stead. Much like pornography which is classically degenerate, you know degeneracy when you see it, so I won't give examples.

Secondly, and somewhat related to the above, some degree of "unplugging from the system" is required. It can be as dramatic as growing most your own food, or as seemingly insignificant as using Invidious or LBRY for video consumption. Every bit helps, because there is a lot of deprogramming that needs to be done for all of us to reject the insanity. Also, seriously consider moving to a rural area to further avoid the central planner's nudge.

Thirdly, read some pre-Enlightenment literature if only to prove to yourself that people were not completely retarded for thousands of years as mainstream post-Enlightenment thought would have us believe. What little I have read of Aquinas, I am confident that his arguments could intellectually drop-kick even the best from 1700 and onward.

We cannot passively reject the transhuman agenda, we must actively oppose it if we wish to remain human. We must actively defend our humanity by doing things that show we are NOT electric vehicles to be controlled by whoever has the most money and power. The only thing that we truly have is our body and its humanity, but the transhuman agenda seeks to take away even that sacred right, and it all starts with, "You are an electric vehicle."