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Bargain Bin Philosophy is a blog where I will more or less think aloud on whatever I feel like. Usually, those topics will be philosophical in nature, social critique, or philosophical perspectives on current events. But you probably want a label; I hate labeling, but the label I find least offensive is Anti-Modern, so whatever you read here will probably lean that way.

Some views will seem extreme, some opinions radical; with the modern ideal being little more than a hive-mind, all opinions that don't serve the hive are considered radical. As such, proceed with a truly open mind, taking nothing for granted (not that faux open-mindedness espoused by people who love words that end in "-ism." You know who I mean). If that makes you uncomfortable, you're in the wrong place. But if you stay, remember this as the most important thing you read here: think for yourself. Don't let the mainstream, your friends, your family, or anyone make your opinion for you... and certainly don't let me!

Also, these articles are always in a state of flux so some may be altered, or they may even disappear.

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